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About Ivso®


Our philosophy
We believe in producing simple, elegant and functional websites; tailor made to your exact specifications.  We understand that your website is the most important marketing tool you possess, so our team will assess your individual requirements to ensure that the finished product is tailor made to suit your business’s needs.

How can we do this? Well, mainly because we believe in approaching every job from the viewpoint of the user (your clients). This means that we’re not afraid to put our thinking caps on to research and develop the tools you’ll need to get the right kind of results.

Handpicked staff tailor made for the job.
We’re a fully fledged web design & marketing agency – not a bunch of fly-by-night cowboys, although the occasional ‘Ye Hah’ can be heard coming from our office. Our team has over fifteen years experience in design, copywriting, photography and web development, all of which allow us to supply clients with the right people for their job.

We want to understand you
We understand that your website is the first place potential clients will turn to. Therefore, it’s important for you to have a web presence that is useful as well as unique.

Before we get down to business, we’ll sit down with you to delve into all of the nooks and crannies of how you work and the key messages you’d like your website to convey. Want interactivity? We’ll guide you through the benefits of adding blogs, forums and online surveys to your site. Or perhaps you’re looking to increase sales? If that’s the case, we’d be more than happy to demonstrate our proven ecommerce credentials. Whatever it is you require, we’ll make sure that you don’t end up with just another website.

We believe in giving you value for money
Every element you choose for your project is for you and you alone. Once we’ve discussed your requirements, we’ll provide you with your own dedicated project manager and a full plan/timescale of your project. Unlike other web designers, we don’t believe in slapping on hidden charges such as overheads. With Ivso, what you see is what you get. And if that wasn’t enough, we promise not to ask you for a penny until you’re 100% satisfied.

We take pride in our work
We believe that a development should be scalable and grow organically over time – which means that we won’t leave you in the lurch once we’ve delivered the goods. We’ll also provide you with ongoing support and advice, meaning your site can grow and adapt to any new challenges that are thrown your way.

We won’t blind you with science
It’s all very well using fancy technical jargon, but it’s not going to be much use if no one can understand what we’re talking about. We promise not to bamboozle you with big words, and will always talk to you in a language you can understand.

We promise to always keep you in the loop.
Seen something you’d like us to have a fiddle with? Then don’t just sit there, give us a nudge! We’re always available for a chat, and promise to respond to any queries you may have within 24 hours. And being friendly types, we’ll be sure to keep you updated with emails, telephone calls and face-to-face meetings throughout each stage of your project, to make sure you’re happy with how we’re getting along.

We Are Here