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Maintenance & Support

We offer website maintenance contracts that mean our clients can request updates to their website at any time. This may include simple text changes, design or adding additional complex functionality or tools to their websites.

You can purchase a given amount of time across the year that can then be used when required to carry out amends and additions to the website, from completely new pages through to telephone support. Our maintenance and support contracts are backed by a service level agreement (SLA) to ensure all requests are dealt with in a timely fashion.

Your contract will cover the following area of our services:
  • Creative Design
  • Graphic design
  • Programming
  • Account management
  • Database maintenance
  • Project management
  • Usability & accessibility advice
Ivso's service contract is geared to ensure client updates are carried out within an agreed timeframe.

Each month, we provide you with a schedule that details the updates we have undertaken, resource used to carry out the request, the time each update took and the total time/budget used to date.

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