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CMS - Content Management Sites

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

In a nutshell ~ a database driven website that empowers you & your team to make changes (e.g. text, images, PDF docs etc) whenever you decide, at work, home or on the road. The key benefits of our Content Management Systems are:
    Modify Text
    Insert Pictures
    Include External Hyperlinks
    Pre-defined templates
    Add Tables
    Complete text control - bold, italics etc
    Format text, left right and centre
    Dynamic navigation creation
    Image library
    Built in ftp
    No software required
    No Training required
    Password protected
    Editable from any PC world wide
    Unlimited use
    No renewal costs
    Database driven but static page creation
    Complete Page Control
    Complete Site Control

Content Management Systems allow a non-technical user to:
    Be in complete control of a website’s content
    Administer a site from ANY computer connected to the Internet.
    Manage a website without having to install additional software
    Add/update images directly from PC to website
    Mange the website without knowledge of FTP
    Manage the website without any knowledge of HTML
    Automatically add new pages and navigation to new pages
    Manage the site without the need for support calls to Ivso
    Keep the site fresh and up-to-date

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