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1. How much will it cost to create a website for me?

This will depend on what sort of site you require. By talking to us we will analyse your needs and design a network plan/sitemap for specifically for you - No templates. Obviously the cost is dependent on a number of factors: how many pages; the content; Is the site static or dynamic ?; does it include flash?

2. How much does it cost for domain name registration?

The cost of your domain name registration will depend of the level eg., .com, .net, please first check whether your domain name is available - click here.
If it is available, please contact us to quote you a price for registering it for you.

3. How much will it cost for web hosting?

The cost for web hosting will depend your requirements. ivso offer a number of attractive web hosting packages - click here to find out more

4. What is Flash?

Macromedia Flash or Flash is a graphics animation program, written and marketed by Macromedia, that uses vector graphics. The resulting files, called SWF (said like swiff) files, may appear in a web page to view in a web browser, or standalone Flash players may "play" them. Flash files occur most commonly in animated graphics on web pages and rich-media web sites that seamlessly integrates text, graphics, images and video.

5. What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. It is a method of creating webpages that have dynamic programming. This allows the website owner to be able to edit the content of their web pages directly through a browser window.

Content managed website can save you time and money!

6. What does mean?

are symbols that indicate that a web page has passed validation to the standards set down by the World Wide Web Consortium ( Web sites built to these standards will perform better and look more consistent in the variety of internet browsers now used to view web pages.

7. How do I get a quote?

To get a quote about any of our services please telephone or email ivso - click for contact details . You can also contact us quickly by using our enquiry form on this site - click here.

8. I can't view the flash content on this site?

You need to download macromedia's flash player. you can download this for free by clicking on the icon below or here.

9. What does ivso mean/stand for?

ivso [eye-v-so] is not an acronym or a classical greek/latin word dredged up to provide credence to a companies identity. It is also not a state of consciousness, philosophical ideal or cultural term of reference. It actually just stands for good design, searching round for a word to name the company we decided that all words obviously carry baggage or connotations. so playing round with letters we formed a word that we believed worked visually well together and sounded sharp. ivso was born.

10. What is the meaning of life?


Responsive Design

What Does it Mean

In a nutshell, responsive design means your website layout will respond to the device it is being viewed on. Whether you’re viewing on a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, your website will adjust it’s layout to give users the optimum viewing and user experience.

Commercially this is important as users are increasingly using their tablets and mobile phones to surf the internet, and a website that can’t be viewed on these devices will lose a lot of potential traffic.


Internet Marketing for Business

You might have an attractive new website that cost thousands of pounds, but if no one can find your website it's not going to bring you any business. Internet Marekting is the solution to being found on the web. Via SEO (Search Engine Optimistaion) & PPC (Pay Per Click) strategies we can enhance your company's presence on the interent.

From simple solutions starting at £99 to comprehensive strategic campaigns, We seek to promote your website/business to attain a prominent presence on Google and other Major search engines thus delivering more 'quuality' traffic to your website.


Selling online has never been so easy

eCommerce has come along way in a short time.The need for expensive complicated software with ancillary charges has past.

Now it's a simple procesdure to set up an inexpensive webshop. to sell anything from t-shirts to sophisticated computer systems.

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